Ontdek het volledige potentieel van uw ogen

Van een uiterst precieze oogmeting naar zeer nauwkeurige brillenglazen

Vind een AVA opticien

Whether you’re new to glasses or have worn them for years you’ve probably come across the term glasses prescription. Your prescription is the result of your eye examination and allows your optician to dispense the right lenses to correct your vision.

Eyesight and corrective lenses are measured in dioptres, a unit of power. For decades eyes have been measured to a quarter of a dioptre (D), you may have seen your lens prescription ends with .25D, .50D .75D or just .00D.

This abides by the current correction standards, but it limits the precision corrective lenses can deliver and fundamentally it can limit your experience, so much so that 95% of the population has a more sensitive vision than the graduation steps of 0.25 current dioptres.*

That’s why we developed AVA, Advanced Vision Accuracy. A breakthrough vision experience in 3 key steps for maximum precision: eye examination, personalised measurements and lenses.

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